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Monaco royal wedding: Hats off to Mary and Sophie in readers' vote

Thousands of readers voted in our poll on the most stylish headgear at the Monaco royal wedding.

And the results are in.

Princess Mary of Denmark’s nude-hued floral fascinator got top marks, whilst Sophie Countess of Wessex’s steel-coloured disc came in second.



It was a close one, with the future Danish queen winning 21 percent of the vote, trailed by Sophie with 17 percent.

The British royal recently hired a personal trainer to help her shed a few pounds. And the results have been fantastic, she has more body confidence than ever, and it shows in how she carries herself.

In third place was local girl Charlotte Casiraghi, the niece of Prince Albert, who won 15 percent of the votes with her black veil attached to a black floral headband.


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