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Monaco royal wedding: The secrets behind the one-off creation designed by the bride herself

Prince Albert of Monaco’s bride looked nothing short of princess-perfect as she sat in the damask-draped baroque throne room of the palace and exchanged vows with her prince.

In a beautifully cut sky-blue suit that oozed understated glamour, Charlene Wittstock looked radiant on the day she officially stepped into Monaco’s royal circle.



And it has transpired that the lady herself was responsible for the stunning ensemble in a colour that fashion commentators have already dubbed ‘Charlene blue’, aided by French luxury brand Chanel’s designer.

“It’s a collaboration between me and Karl Lagerfeld,” she told American Vogue.

“We wanted something to match the colour of my eyes. It’s my creation and I’m proud of it.”

The sharp, clean fit of the blazer and trousers gave a nod to her androgynous sartorial preferences, whilst the floaty chiffon material and the palazzo fit added the perfect amount of gentle femininity.

Charlene acknowledges that this was her vision when creating the outfit.

“It’s feminine and keeps with tradition yet has a little twist that reflects my personal style.

“I thought it was a nice change to go for trousers instead of a skirt, especially since I’m an athlete and have always kept my clothes clean and simple.”

Hidden underneath the jacket during the day, Charlene showed off the beautiful lace-trimmed corset at the Jean-Michael Jarre concert that evening.



And she had teamed it with a gold multi-strand statement necklace featuring large pearl detailing.

Just as somebody whose new title is Your Serene Highness should be, the Zimbabwe-born blonde was relaxed and poised as she said “oui” to Albert.

Her hair had been delicately pinned back in a deconstructed chignon by trusted stylist Stephan Alban.

And make-up maestro Pablo Ardizzone had attended to Charlene’s make-up, using ‘Charlene’ lipstick, a shade he had created in honour of the day.

The natural look served to accentuate her trademark simple style and laid-back manner.


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