Monaco royal wedding: Caroline and Stephanie's delight for their dream sister-in-law

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Seventies band The Eagles soon had the crowd, including the bride and groom, on their feet, playing their standout hit Hotel California early at a pre-wedding concert.

The feverish excitement in the small Mediterranean principality of Monaco ahead of the royal wedding is clearly shared by the families of Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock themselves.

Princess Stephanie, who previously described Charlene as a 'dream sister-in-law', was brimming with excitement as she arrived at Thursday's free late night rock gig for 15,000 people.




The musical gathering was hosted by the prince for his people – a gesture entirely in keeping with the inclusive nature of the marriage celebrations, which has seen wedding invitations issued to all Monegasque citizens.

Charlene's loved ones also danced the night away at the Luis II stadium, alongside the royals who will soon be their in-laws.

The bridal contingent included her mother Lynette and younger brother Gareth, joined by his partner.

Albert's eldest sister, Princess Caroline was accompanied by her children. Her lovely eldest daughter Charlotte Casiraghi, with her beau Alex Dellal.




Adding more pizzaz to the proceedings were her sons Andrea and Pierre Casiraghi with their girlfriends Tatiana Santo Domingo and Beatrice Borromeo.

Caroline's other daughter by her third husband Ernst of Hanover Princess Alexandra had also been allowed to stay up for the fun. Her father, who has not been seen in the principality for two years, is not expected to attend the wedding. 

His absence didn't dampen the infectious mood. One of the highlights came when the rockers, the groom's favourite band, dedicated their single Love Will Keep Us Alive to their host, who swept his bride to her feet for a boogy.


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