Monaco royal wedding: Kisses and cuddles that say the day of days is here

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Exchanging loving glances, arms around one another, Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock look like a couple who can't wait to get married.

The bride and groom kicked off the festivities by attending an Eagles concert in the Luis II stadium.

Greeting the 15,000-strong crowd, the Monegasque sovereign and his princess-to-be dispelled unkind rumours that she was having second thoughts about the wedding.

Charlene looked strong and sexy in figure-hugging black trousers and a strapless top.


Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock


The sultry outfit was finished off with a necklace and bracelet that appeared to be from her South African homeland.

And her hair had been teased up in one of her favourite bouffant styles.

Meanwhile, Albert looked proud to be showing her off ahead of the day that they have longed to celebrate.


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