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Monaco royal wedding: Father of the bride relaxes with the locals

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The eyes of the world will be on Mike Wittstock as he escorts daughter Charlene down the aisle on Saturday.

But for now, the computer-business operator is calming any nerves before the Monaco royal wedding by socialising with the locals.

He has been spotted having a drink from time to time in La Turbie, a village on the southern coast of France.



The blonde beauty's family has flown over for the grand event, which is further proof that the ‘runaway bride’ rumours are completely unfounded. 

Charlene rented a white villa in the pretty village which she decorated herself, having gone the extra mile to ensure her parents feel at ease during their stay.

And Mike, who was the victim of a car-jacking incident in South Africa last February, apparently appreciates the security and tranquility of the area.



The Wittstocks are said to be a hit with the locals, and Charlene made a special gesture for a young girl of 11 called Marie from the small town.

Having heard that Marie had dreamed of meeting her, the swimmer turned up at her birthday party with a signed photograph.


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