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Stephanie of Monaco: Charlene will make a 'dream' sister-in-law

Albert and Charlene: the story of their love

What a year it is for royal weddings. Not only will 2011 mark the nuptials between William and Kate and Zara and Mike, but also the highly-anticipated marriage of Prince Albert of Monaco and his long-term love Charlene Wittstock.

And one lady particularly thrilled by Albert's long-awaited union is his youngest sibling Princess Stephanie, who this week declared her affection for his striking bride-to-be.



Speaking to Le Parisien newspaper, Stephanie said she and Charlene enjoy "very very good relations", touchingly adding: "I couldn’t dream of a better sister-in-law".

Asked whether she is involved in the upcoming wedding, taking place at the beginning of July, the twice-divorced princess replied: "Well, no, but that's OK."

Albert and Charlene, 32, are "taking care of it all", Stephanie, 45, added. "I am planning on enjoying this great moment of happiness for my country, my brother and for all the Monegasque people.





"I am very happy for them. Like all little sisters, I want to see my brother happy. It’s a demonstration of their love and happiness that I'm seeing, which has been theirs for a little while now."

After a change in date, 52-year-old Albert – the only son of Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier III - and Charlene are set to wed on July 2nd during a civil ceremony, followed by a religious service the following day.

The former South African swimming champion and her prince announced their engagement in June after a four-year courtship.


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