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Princess Madeleine's fiancé Chris O'Neill declines royal title

Princess Madeleine's fiancé, Chris O'Neill has chosen to remain a US citizen following his marriage to the Swedish royal. A statement posted on the couple's official royal wedding website explained that Chris has declined Swedish citizenship and so will not hold a position of responsibility with the Swedish royal household.

Chris' decision means that he will not take on his wife's titles and become HRH Prince of Sweden, Duke of Gastrikland and Hälsingland upon his marriage.

"Mr. Christopher O'Neill has respectfully asked to remain a private citizen and not be granted royal status," read the statement, released on 17 May, by Svante Lindqvist, Marshall of the Realm.

Christopher O'Neill Princess Madeleine

London-born Chris will not be made a Prince upon marriage, unlike Princess Victoria's husband Prince Daniel, Chris' future brother-in-law who took on the official title of Duke of Västergötland and will one day become Victoria's king consort.

Chris' choice is in-keeping his role throughout the couple's engagement as the financier has not undertaken any official duties with Princess Madeleine and notably declined an invitation to Sweden's prestigious Nobel Prize Ceremony.

The prize is awarded by the Swedish Academy, which was founded by King Gustav III in 1786. Out of accordance with tradition, Chris is not a member of the academy and currently works as Head of Research at investment company Noster Capital.

Madeleine, who is fourth in line to the Swedish throne, has also forged her own career, outside her royal duties. The University of Stockholm-educated Princess works as a project manager for the World Childhood Foundation in New York.

Royal watchers have speculated that given it is unlikely that Princess Madeleine and Christopher O'Neill will ascend the Swedish throne, Chris does not need to undertake engagements that are often preparation for a future royal.

The current line of succession includes Princess Victoria, her daughter Princess Estelle, her brother Prince Carl Philip and then Princess Madeleine.

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