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Comment 26 SEPTEMBER 2012

Cost of Luxembourg's royal wedding is revealed as excitement builds

With less than a month to go until Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume weds Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, part of the cost of their celebrations has been revealed.

The Luxembourg state said it is contributing €350,000 euros to the two-day event taking place on October 19 and 20.

At a press conference, a minister justified the donation, saying the marriage was "the beginning of an important stage in the life of the heir to the throne, in the history of monarchy and the country in general,"




Public funds from the world's second richest country will be used to cover security, organisation of the religious ceremony in the cathedral, and the dinner following the civil ceremony.

Despite this generous contribution, The Grand Ducal family – led by Guillaume's parents Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa – will foot most of the bill of the lavish nuptials of Europe’s last single heir. 

They will be responsible for paying for the accommodation and travel arrangements of foreign guests, among whom are likely to be a glittering array of European royals.



Proceedings begin on the afternoon of Friday 19 October with a civil ceremony in Luxembourg’s City Hall, where huge crowds are expected to gather for a glimpse of the couple. In the evening, a lavish banquet will be held at the Grand Ducal Palace.

The next day, Guillaume and Stephanie will have a religious ceremony in the Our Lady Cathedral and will conclude their union with another joyous reception at the Palace.

Luxembourg prepares to celebrate despite the untimely death of Stephanie’s mother, Countess Alix, who died of a stroke in August aged 70.

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