'I'm very much Mrs Tindall'

03 AUGUST 2011

One of the many surprises during Zara Phillips' joy-filled wedding day was that she'd decided to keep her surname.

But the break with tradition is not an act of feminism – but for practical purposes.



"I'm keeping it for work," explains Zara.

"But I'm very much Mrs Tindall privately – and at times publicly."

Princess Anne's daughter made the comments to a Telegraph reporter as she got back to work, two days after tying the knot with star rugby player Mike.

She was busy promoting a new range of equestrian clothes, after a morning spent riding.

Meanwhile her new husband was training for friendly matches, as part of the run-up to the rugby World Cup in the autumn.
The hard-working pair have postponed their honeymoon, and Zara's not sure when they'll have a gap in their schedules to get away.

"Truthfully, I don't know when I'll take my honeymoon," she admitted.

"We both work so hard we may have to wait until we're retired. That's just what we do."

Helping her launch the line of riding clothes were her two of her little bridesmaids, Nell Maude - daughter of her matron of honour Dolly Maude - and Jazz Jocelyn.

But asked if seeing the girls playing around makes her think about starting a family, the 30-year-old says simply: "It's good fun, but that's all. I don't get broody."


Zara was also asked why the groom was still wearing his morning suit the afternoon after the wedding.

There was a simple explanation, says the new Mrs Tindall.

"What happened was that Mike forgot to pick up his clothes.

"We were staying in separate hotels the night before and he left his stuff in his, so he had to put on his dirty suit.

"I knew it was going to look bad.

"I was like: 'This is not going to be a good look, Mike.'

"I was just so glad I remembered my clothes."


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