Morning after a high-spirited night of revelry

01 AUGUST 2011

The most senior royals made an early exit, leaving the young ones to carry on the party.

And what a party Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall's wedding reception was.



The newlyweds and their friends partied well into the early hours and beyond on Sunday morning.

They were so reluctant for the celebrations to end that they didn't make it back to the bridal suite at Holyroodhouse until 2pm.

And the following afternoon the groom was still wearing his wedding suit.

It's not known where the couple spent their first night as man and wife, or why Mike hadn't changed.

One possibility is that after the merrymaking wrapped up at Holyroodhouse, celebrations continued at the Hotel du Vin - where the groom and his best man Iain Balshaw had stayed the previous evening.

Asked what had happened, one of Mike's Gloucester rugby colleagues, James Simpson Daniel said: "I can't say anything. It's not my call – this is what they wanted."

On the subject of why Mike hadn't changed, he said: "I have no idea." 


As the new Mr and Mrs Tindall made their exit in a silver Mercedes onlookers had a chance to get a closer look at Zara's platinum wedding band.

Prince Harry was also spotted leaving the airport to catch an Easyjet flight, dressed in a crumpled blue shirt and jeans and looking like he had thoroughly enjoyed the festivities. 

According to comments on Twitter – most of which came from rugby players –  the fun-loving royal wasn't the only one getting into the spirit of the celebrations.

England player David Flatman tweeted: "Can't say too much… but what I will reveal is that Prince William does an uncanny Bon Jovi impression.

Once the dancing got underway at Holyroodhouse, guests sipped on ice-cold vodka in glasses bearing the couple's intertwined intials.

But first they were treated to a sit down dinner of lobster and crayfish cocktail, Scottish venison with dauphinois potatoes. Dessert was a chocolate fondant with strawberries.

In the speeches, best man Iain Balshaw got the biggest laugh of the evening when he said Mike's choice of cars showed how he has moved up in the world since he began dating Zara.

"He's gone from a Ford Mondeo to an Audi to a Range Rover to a chauffeur-driven car," he joked.

Captain Mark Phillips said he was proud to be part of this 'triangle' – referring to how well he and Princess Anne and her current husband Timothy Laurence get on.

When it came to Mike's turn to speak, he is said to have focused on his love for his beautiful bride.

Fabulous photos and more details from the wedding

Tweets on Zara and Mike's winning match
  • Mark Cueto - "Amazing wkend at the wedding- what a party last night!! Big congrats 2 Tinds & Zara! X” 
  • Official Rugby Football Union - "Congratulations to Tindall on a momentous occasion today. An England player being cheered by Scots is unheard of! #royalwedding"
  • Una Healy of the Saturdays - "We all had such an amazing time yesterday at Zara And Mikes Wedding. It was really something special. They are a wonderful couple x"
  • Ski champ Chemmy Alcott - " "Had a fantastic day yesterday. So proud to have such incredibly lovely and friendly Royals surrounded by so much love from Mike and Zara x"
  • Ben Foden - "Had a nice lunch in Edinburgh in the Witchery, now heading back to london 4 training! All in all a great weekend! Congrats Mr & Mrs Tindall" 
  • David Flatman -  "Can't say too much about the real royal wedding but what I will reveal is that Prince William does an uncanny Bon Jovi impression"  
  • Danny Care - "I don't reckon I'll ever see a better wedding! Massive congratulations to Tins and Zara they are both legends! Was a goooooooood party!!"
  • Olly Barkley - "Sweeeeeet weekend and a wedding to tell the kids about. Harry coming back on Easyjet was comfortably the highlight of the weekend #chopper?!"
  • Austin Healy - "Oh my god what a wedding!I'm still smashed!Destroyed Luke Narroway on the dance floor.. He may be able to play rugby but he can't dance! Balshaw speech was brilliant!!"
  • Ollie Phillips - "Am still lying in bed in Edinburgh, waiting for my wake up call for brekkie!! ;)" (at 10 pm)


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