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Praise for a royal daughter-in-law and her 'good, fun, normal' family

26 JULY 2011

Her son is three days away from officially stepping into the royal circle.

And Mike Tindall’s mother, Linda, already feels welcomed by her the parents of her future daughter-in-law Zara Phillips.

She described Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips as "most welcoming and kind”.


“Over time we have seen them at different things and become more relaxed with them."

But they still address the Princess by 'Ma'am'.

The 63-year-old social worker also said her son –  who is the captain of the England rugby team – and his fiancée shared similar “family values” because they both came from “loving homes".

“I think stability and security has given Mike very strong family values, something I think we share with Zara’s family.

“Although we may seem miles apart, we share family values. They both come from loving homes.”

Meanwhile, Mike has also opened up about his bride’s family.

“They’re good, fun people… a normal family,” he told Reader’s Digest.



“I’ve been on the edge of their world all the time I’ve been playing rugby.”

The strapping sportsman said he'd long been acquainted with Zara’s mother, who is the patron of the Scottish Rugby Union, through her support for the game. 

Zara’s brother, Peter played for the Scottish schools team and they'd met on field.

And her cousins, Princes William and Harry, were often seen in the stands. 

“I know William and Harry because they are great England supporters, and I’ve played against Peter.”

Mike also said that difference in the couple’s backgrounds was “not a problem”.

“They just want me to be happy. They can see I am, so they’re not worried, and they love Zara,” he added.


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