Past style choices point to a dramatic dress on the big day

19 JULY 2011

When she posed for her official engagement photo, much was made of the fact that Zara Phillips was dressed down in jeans and a body warmer, and hadn't had a manicure.

What naysayers didn't seem to be aware of is that when it comes to a big occasion, the Queen's granddaughter knows how to pull out all the stops.

And it'll be no different when it comes to her wedding day – and that all-important dress.

There have been reports that Stewart Parvin will design it, but - as revealed in this week's HELLO! magazine – Zara has taken a leaf out of the Duchess of Cambridge's book. She will reveal nothing until July 30 comes around.

But you only have to look at some of Zara's fashion choices for clues as to the type of design she will choose.




Whereas Kate takes a more classic approach, Princess Anne's daughter doesn't shy away from making a statement.

Bright colours and more edgy designs are regularly part of her repertoire, so whatever she chooses for her big day is likely to stand out.

Curvacious beauty

Zara scores sartorial points for her typically flattering fashion choices. Her wedding dress will no doubt show off her curves to perfection.



Spectacular footwear

The finishing touch to any elegant outfit is a head-turning pair of shoes – something Zara knows well. She's debuted some gorgeous stilettos over the years.

With the groom measuring a lofty 6ft 1-and-a-half inch, she doesn't have to worry about towering over him in a pair of vertiginous heels.

Will she wear a veil?

As a thoroughly modern young royal, Zara might dispense with a traditional veil.

But her love of fabulous headgear is well documented – so it's not impossible that she might wear some sort of headpiece on July 30.

She may even wear the King George III Fringe Tiara, which her mother wore to wed Captain Mark Phillips in 1973.

A possible break with tradition

Tradition dictates that usually royal brides cover their shoulders. But Zara has never been afraid to forge her own path.

A strapless wedding gown would be an elegant choice.


Comfortable in cream

She owns several pieces in the colour of choice for brides – it's a shade the young royal can carry off with aplomb.

Minimal makeup

Though she likes to push the envelope with daring fashion choices, the sportswoman likes to keep her makeup minimal.

A lick of lipgloss usually accompanies neutral eye shadow and a hint of eyeliner. She's unlikely to go for something more dramatic on her wedding day.

Always well put together

Whatever she chooses it's bound to be well thought out and full of character – just like the lady herself.


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