Affectionate greetings as Princess Anne presents trophy to future son-in-law Mike

15 MARCH 2011

He may call her 'Ma'am' out of respect for her royal status.

But England rugby captain Mike Tindall also clearly enjoys a warm relationship with his future mother-in-law, Princess Anne.

Their easy rapport was very much in evidence when the Princess Royal was invited to do the honours, handing out a trophy at a Six Nations championship game - won by his side.

Anne, the patron of Scottish Rugby Union, greeted Mike - who is set to marry her daughter Zara Phillips - with a smile, which the strapping 6ft 2in sportsman returned enthusiastically.





Speaking before the game, the 32-year-old said: "[Princess Anne's] very knowledgeable about the game. She probably knows more about it than me."

He added: "We talk about rugby and the Princess Royal follows my club, Gloucester, as well.

"But she is passionate about Scottish rugby so I'm sure she'll be delighted if they put one over us."

In the event England scored a 22-16 victory against Scotland, putting them on course to win the Six Nations, with one game left. 

Of course, the Princess managed to hide any disappointment with the result, looking on proudly as her future son-in-law held the cup aloft to the cheers of the crowd.

Completing the family group at the game was his loyal fiancée Zara, who looked tense at moments as she supported the rugby ace from the stands during the nail-biter.

Zara and Mike: A perfect match


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