'I love you Victoria': Sweden takes new prince to their hearts after wedding speech

His radiant bride, Crown Princess Victoria, was visibly moved by his words during their wedding banquet, at times clasping his hand and wiping away a tear, at other times blushing.

And, according to one online poll, Prince Daniel's emotional speech has had a huge impact in their native Sweden, catapulting the former personal trainer into second place on a list of the most popular royals - behind Victoria herself.

It was not just that the newest member of the royal family switched easily between Swedish and English - in a seven-minute address made without notes.

Daniel expressed himself confidently, opening his heart unashamedly on his feelings for his wife.

"I love you, Victoria, and I am proud that we are here together", he told her before 600 VIP guests including crowned heads of state. "And I am so happy to be your husband."

There was also a joking allusion to his own background."Once upon a time, there was a young man, who while perhaps not a frog, was certainly not a prince," he said.

The 36-year-old went on to recall an early episode from their courtship when the future queen stayed up all night writing before an official trip abroad.

"When I got up, I found 30 beautiful letters, addressed to me, one for each day she would be away."

Speaking to the The Local newspaper top Swedish public speaking consultant Katti Sandberg summed up why it was so effective.

"He spoke without notes and was very emotional. Not using a script makes it feel like it comes from the heart," she said.

"We Swedes are not so used to such emotional speeches - and that made the effect even greater".

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