Victoria and her prince share their first dance as man and wife in glittering reception

A day of high emotion and romance, in which the entire city of Stockholm seemed to share the happiness of newlywed Princess Victoria and her love, Daniel Westling, ended with a sumptuous gala in the state rooms of Drottningholm Palace.

The highpoint came when the groom – now styled Prince Daniel of Duke of Västergötland – took his bride by the hand for their first dance, a perfectly executed waltz.


To cheers from 600 guests the couple glided serenely across the ballroom to be joined by their parents, with King Carl Gustaf leading the groom's mother Eva onto the floor, while Daniel's father partnered Queen Silvia, and then later dancers in period dress.

Earlier the bridal party had sat down to a feast of Norway lobster with truffle caviar and citrus marinated cod, washed down with champagne.

Speaking from the top table, the bride's proud father brought tears to her eyes as he told her: "No one should believe anything other than that my greatest wish is to see you happy.

"Our relationship is deeper than royal; you are my daughter. I have shown that I fully support that you've followed your heart by walking with you to the altar."



From his place next to Queen Silvia, the groom's father addressed the widely held view that the union between the crown princess and a commoner was "a fairytale".

He added: "I do not think it is a coincidence that this has happened here in Sweden, where The King´s motto is 'For Sweden - With the Times'."

Going on to praise his daughter-in-law for her warmth and openness to everyone, he recalled how during one outing with his family "you greeted everyone who crossed your path and showed such wonderful warmth".


The greatest applause of the night came for Daniel's speech in which he shared a touching episode from the early days of their courtship.

"When Victoria had a long mission to China, that lasted a month, the night before she should have slept, but she didn't sleep for the whole night and instead wrote letters. The next day she gave me a box of 30 letters, that is every day a letter to me," he explained.

Perhaps there was no greater sign of the future queen's tenderness of heart than the words with which she greeted the public gathered outside the royal palace.

"Dear friends, I would like to thank you, the Swedish People for having given me my prince," she said to laughter and clapping.

"My husband and I are unbelievably happy and grateful for so many of you coming here to celebrate with us, it means much more than you thought to us, thanks".

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