Commemorative stamps and coins released for Princess Victoria's June wedding

In a commemorative stamp released by Sweden's postal service, Daniel gazes lovingly at his future bride
In another of the three designs, the Crown Princess is shown wearing her Napoleonic tiara
With the upcoming nuptials of Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel Westling, it seems that everyone in Sweden wants to offer the royal couple something special for their big day.

The country's postal service has marked the event this week by releasing three special-edition stamps in honour of the couple's June 19 wedding.

Artist Kristian Moller created the three commemorative stamps, which depict the pair during the photocall when they announced their engagement last year, Princess Victoria wearing her Napoleonic cut-steel tiara and the official wedding monogram.

The same day that they were presented the stamps, the couple received a commemorative coin from Johan Gernandt, president of the Central Bank of Sweden.

The coin, which will be minted in gold and silver versions, was designed by Ernst Nordin, and shows Victoria and Daniel on one side while the other is decorated with the family coat of arms.

It will be available for purchase until December 31, 2010.

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