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Royal wedding: Two families united in happiness

02 MAY 2011

Arms clasped, Kate Middleton and Prince Wiliam both look rapturously happy - and most importantly natural.

How different this was from Princess Diana and Prince Charles' wedding photo – which drew comment that the heir to the throne looked somewhat distant.


The lovely photo of two families coming together to celebrate a perfect union was created by Hugo Burnand.

"From where I was, and from their point of view, it was two families coming together and that was the feeling, the sense of family and love going between everyone," says the photographer.

"They had their own buzz. Everyone had their own buzz. It was that excitement you feel at most weddings."

The snapper, who describes the high profile job as "the gig of the century", said he hoped the snap looked "effortless and relaxed and friendly and smiley because that is how it was".

But, he adds: "That comes from months of preparation, hours of setting up, and being so organised that you are sort of in control at the time."

Hugo did have one secret weapon though – jelly beans.


He told how he bribed the page boys and flower girls with the promise of sweets so he could take the snap which turned out to be his favourite.

"We had seconds to put that picture together," he says. "Those children came in – there was a promise of sweets and jellybeans – but they knew what they had to do."

The society photographer no doubt felt relaxed despite the high profile job as he has worked with Charles before, taking the official photos for his wedding to the Duchess of Cornwall.

Like William he also lost his mother - she died when he was one year old, and now he actually works with his stepmother, who is his assistant

Ursy Burnand, 71 – who he describes as an invaluable member of his team - was at Buckingham Palace on Friday to help with the all-important shoot.


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