Royal wedding: Catherine's charisma on her day of destiny

30 APRIL 2011

Of course, she is now a Duchess.

But who can deny that the young woman, whom we have been reminded so often comes from an ordinary, middle class background, conducted herself with the poise and self-possession of a Princess.

This was recognised by one Palace spokesman who said it was "natural" people might want to call her Princess Catherine and "no one is going to have any argument with that".




And no one will. It wasn't just the fabulous props – that exquisite gown, the sheer veil and a magnificent tiara worn by two Queen Elizabeths before her.

Such was her innate composure that it was William, raised in the public eye, who at times seemed overwhelmed by the grandeur of the occasion.

So often throughout the day he turned to his lovely young bride for encouragement, and receiving it recovered his nerve.


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