Royal Wedding: Britain gets ready to party like it's 1981

When Prince Charles and Diana Spencer married in a lavish ceremony, everyone from children to grandparents celebrated.

Thirty years on, the country's equally enthused about the wedding of their son.

Nothing can dampen the excitement - not even the recent forecasts of rain

Days before Prince William and Kate Middleton's ceremony in Westminster Abbey, the city of London has been transformed.

Hundreds of Union Jacks line the Mall and everyone from tourists wearing Windsor family face masks to runners are getting ready to celebrate the first key royal wedding of the 21st century.

Tourists wearing royal face masks 

Flags lining the Mall where the royal couple will greet cheering crowds 

A fun runner tackles the London Marathon dressed as Prince William, whilst 'The Penny Farthing' is just one of hundreds of hotels and shops to celebrate the wedding 

Clapham Common will be home to The Big Royal Wedding Sleepover - a pop-up campsite that will hold up to 10,500 royal fans between April 28 and May 1 

Union Jack flags line Regent Street 

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment rehearse in Hyde Park 

Limited edition oyster cards featuring the royal couple 


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