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Royal wedding: Prince William to be the last person to see Kate's dress

21 APRIL 2011

It's set to be a grand occasion, attended by royals and celebrities alike and watched by over two billion people across the globe.

But Kate Middleton is keen to ensure that her walk down the aisle towards her future husband is as romantic and personal as at any ordinary wedding.

And although the world will have already seen her much talked about dress, arrangements have been made to make that, in line with tradition, Prince William does not get a glimpse of his bride before the special moment.


Just before the start of the ceremony, TV screens inside the Abbey will be showing the guests arriving outside.

But these screens will switch to general pictures of the congregation when Kate steps out of her car, meaning that her Prince will be the last to see her in all her bridal finery.

Shortly before her arrival, William and  Harry, best man, are set to walk down the aisle towards their friends in the front rows near the altar.


After chatting with them for a while, William will go into a side chapel near the altar for twenty minutes of quiet reflection with his brother.

The Prince will then emerge several minutes before 11am to watch his beautiful bride walk down the aisle, ready to exchange their vows.


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