Royal wedding: The moment 'Prince William' and 'Kate Middleton' danced down the aisle

20 APRIL 2011

To date, it has had nearly seven million Youtube hits, and those who haven't yet seen a new spoof of the royal wedding are in for a treat.

A hilarious take on William and Kate's nuptials, the advert features a succession of very convincing royal lookalikes dancing down the aisle to East 17's House of Love.

Among those seen grooving in church are the Queen, Prince Harry, Charles and Camilla, as well as the bride and groom.


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Filmed in St Bartholomew's Priory Church in London, the clip takes a fun look ahead to the ceremony, with 'the royal family' showcasing their best moves on their way to the altar.

A spokesperson for the makers of the advert, T-Mobile, said that the advert is a "congratulatory message to William and Kate, as well as a way of capturing the nation's celebratory mood." .

The two-minute clip will be seen on TV on the day of the wedding.


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