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Royal wedding: Kate's hairstyle revealed as preparations continue for the big day

14 APRIL 2011

Her name has become synonymous with lustrous locks. So it perhaps comes as no surprise that Kate Middleton will be wearing her hair down for the royal wedding.

According to the Daily Mail the 29-year-old's hairdresser Richard Ward has confirmed Kate's hair will "100 percent be down and flowy."

He added: " Every bride's hair on their wedding day should reflect their look throughout the year. Kate's such a natural girl, so no stuffy up-dos for her."



In other wedding news, the future royal has also been confirmed into the Church of England in preparation for the big day.

The brunette underwent "counselling" sessions with the Bishop of London prior to the secret confirmation ceremony at St James's Palace.

She will now be able to take Holy Communion alongside Prince William as a full member of the Anglican Church.

Kate was baptised at the age of five months but never took religion further. However sources close to the Berkshire-born beauty insist her recent decision was due to a "personal journey" into faith.

And it's not only the royal couple that are undergoing preparations ahead of April 29. Prince William's waxwork at Madame Tussauds is also receiving a makeover.



The model - one of the most popular personalities at the London chain - has been dressed in a new suit, his shoes have been polished and his hair trimmed.

A spokeswoman for Madame Tussauds said: "The royal family are firm favourites with our guests, Brits and international visitors alike.

"We've already seen a huge increase in people wanting to have their picture taken with His Royal Highness and that will only grow as excitement about the royal wedding reaches fever pitch.

"We wanted to make sure our figure is ready for all the attention and that people have enough room to get up close to the royal groom."


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