Royal wedding: The team helping transform the future Queen into a style icon

12 APRIL 2011

She's certainly upped her game in the style stakes recently, most notably stepping out in Belfast in an on-trend Burberry trench coat that subsequently sold out worldwide.

And with her life as a Princess swiftly approaching, Kate Middleton is said to be seeking extra help to ensure she always looks super chic.




Whilst awaiting an official announcement on the matter, takes a look at the contenders for the coveted job of outfitting the future Queen.

Samantha Cameron's sister, Emily Sheffield (below centre), is being billed as favourite to dress Kate on her first official visit overseas after the wedding.

The deputy editor of Vogue magazine is said to have selected 30 outfits for the couple's nine-day trip to Canada.

"Emily has been approached to sort the outfits for Canada, which is quite a coup for her," a friend told the Daily Mail.

"She helps Samantha a lot and knows exactly how to dress for state occasions, receptions and walkabouts, which need to be well planned and carefully thought out."

And Bryan Ferry's girlfriend, Amanda Sheppard (below left) - who is a friend of Prince William - is also said to be a candidate.

A former fashion PR and designer, Amanda has extensive knowledge of fashion and is close friends with British designer Alice Temperley, who is rumoured to be creating dresses for the bridal party.



Also apparently shortlisted is Kate's friend Nikki Pennie (pictured right), who introduced her to designer Daniella Helayel of Issa.

Nikki works as a stylist in the US, boasting a clientele of A-listers that includes Madonna

She sourced wrap dresses for Kate in her previous job at fashion house Issa.

"Nikki was very hands on and, when she came into the studio, Kate would have a wardrobe to choose from," a source said.

"Nikki knows Kate's style well and would be perfect."

Meanwhile, one aspect of her look that Kate is keen on arranging herself is her make-up.

The brunette beauty has declined offers of help with her make-up on her wedding day in favour of doing it herself, HELLO! has revealed in this week's magazine, issue 1170.


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