Royal wedding: Here's hoping for better weather on the big day

11 APRIL 2011

They must be hoping for better weather when April 29 comes around.

Kate Middleton and Prince William were caught in a torrential downpour this week as they arrived in Lancashire on their last public engagement before their wedding.


But not even the inclement British weather could dampen the sunny mood of the crowds who waited to greet them.

There were cheers as the couple arrived, with Kate sheltering under an umbrella. Some members of the crowd even waved flags bearing pictures of the royal sweethearts.

She's been experimenting lately with her look, stepping out in vibrant red and the super chic Burberry trench, which sold out on the firm's website in a day.

But Kate was back in her tried and tested hue this week, stepping out in navy blue.

The future Princess looked elegant in a simple jacket and skirt as the couple arrived to open the Community Darwen Aldridge Academy.


What stood out was her hair. Usually tumbling down her back in gentle waves, this time it was partly pinned back, drawing attention to her cheekbones and a pair of delicate gold earrings.

While they're in town, the couple will also launch the SkillForce Prince's Award.

The prize will honour teenagers who "show significant character or make major contribution to the community".

Tens of thousands of well-wishers were expected to gather at Witton Park to welcome the couple, but the weather cut the numbers down significanty.

There William will sign a deed to protect the park and perhaps even have a kick-around when he meets a group taking part in a football skills training programme involving Blackburn Rovers.


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