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Royal wedding: Kate Middleton – a future Princess and potential chart topper

24 MARCH 2011

On April 29, the eyes – and now the ears – of the world will be trained on Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials.

It has been revealed that hours after the wedding ceremony comes to an end, a digital recording of the event will be available to download worldwide.

The entire ceremony is being released by Decca Records to a number of online retailers, including iTunes. And a CD of the whole service, which will include a booklet containing the order of service, readings, hymns, vows and blessings, as well as the music, will be in the shops days later.


While the online album is expected to cost around £8, Individual singles, including the vows, will be available to download for 79p.

And industry experts are predicting that the soundtrack will go straight to number one in both the album and singles chart.

"We are expecting huge demand for what, no doubt, will prove a highly collectible recording and piece of royal memorabilia," said Gennaro Castaldo, from HMV – one of the High Street stores involved.

"We could well be looking at the first ever number one royal album, and you could even have a situation where the royal couple find themselves at the top of the singles chart as well."

It could also help raise millions for charity, with £1 from each album download going to The Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry.

Decca Records, who has previously released recordings of Prince Charles and Diana's wedding as well as the Princess' funeral, are hoping to make the album available faster that it has ever released a live event recording.

Certainly it’s the first time that a royal occasion has received a near-instant release on music download websites.

Meanwhile, the physical album of the wedding – available from May 5 – is being produced by multi-Grammy-nominated producer Anna Barry.

And she is clearly delighted by her involvement in the historic event.

"This is a great honour and an enormous responsibility," she said. "The wedding means so much to millions of people all over the world – we have to capture every note and every nuance perfectly and have the recording ready within minutes of the end of the ceremony."


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