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Royal Wedding: Kate checks out wedding coverage in her favourite magazine

16 MARCH 2011

HELLO!'s unrivaled coverage of the upcoming royal wedding has readers snapping up the magazine in droves.

But among the hundreds of thousands flicking through the pages each week there is one very special fan - the current edition's covergirl, and princess-to-be, Kate Middleton herself.

The elegant brunette buys it every week, and it's one of her favourite glossies - reveals the proprietor of the local shop that she frequents with her mum when back home in Bucklebury, Berkshire.


Mr Hash Shingadia - who has been invited to the wedding with his wife - says Kate popped in just last Sunday and picked up a copy.

And though she's no doubt sticking to a healthy eating plan ahead of the big day, she has developed a taste for sweets - regularly buying packets of Haribos.

"She's a normal girl," says the shopkeeper of his high profile customer.

And like any ordinary girl, the 29-year-old is feeling a bit jittery ahead of her nuptials.

"Kate mentioned last Sunday that she is getting a little nervous about the wedding," says Mr Shingadia. "It’s only natural, this after all is one of the biggest days of her life."

William is also a regular visitor to the shop.

"Prince William buys newspapers when he pops in, I can’t recall which, and he loves his mint Vienetta, Doritos crisps and Tropicana orange juice. They’re both really normal and lovely," says the store's boss.

Mr Shingadia has known the Middletons for 13 years. And he thinks Kate and William's relationship is sure to last.

"You can tell Kate and William have a lot of love for each other," he says. "He adores her. You can tell by the way they look and smile at each other."


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