The Queen to choose close confidant for wedding outfit

16 MARCH 2011

While Kate Middleton is keeping the designer of her dress a secret there is no mystery surrounding the Queen's outfit for the royal wedding. 

Her Majesty's Liverpudlian aide and close confidant Angela Kelly has dressed the monarch for years, and the nuptials of her grandson Prince William will be no exception.

The 58-year-old – whose title is personal adviser and curator in jewellery, insignias and wardrobe to her majesty – is in the process of designing two outfits for April 29.



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Meanwhile, one ensemble has been commissioned outside of the palace.

The matriarch of the royal family will reportedly choose between the three on the morning of the big day, depending on the weather.

But royal insiders claim it would be a great shock if she were to opt for a creation from an external designer.

"I would be amazed if she didn't wear an Angela Kelly outfit to the wedding," one source said.

"It's a near certainty."

Angela – who is now twice-divorced - had humble beginnings as the daughter of a Liverpool docker.

But despite their very different backgrounds, she is now considered one of the Queen's closest confidants.



And the 84-year-old is even known to have once told Angela, as they stood side by side in front of a mirror: "We could be sisters."



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