Will Kate marry in McQueen? British designer Sarah Burton linked to bridal gown

07 MARCH 2011

It is the biggest fashion appointment of 2011 – the opportunity to design and create Kate Middleton's wedding dress.

And with those involved sworn to secrecy, speculation as to the identity of the chosen couturier is at an all time high.

The latest creative linked to the bridal gown is Sarah Burton, the new director of British fashion house Alexander McQueen.

The low-profile 36-year-old has reportedly been chosen to design the dress, which, sources claim, would combine the bride's own ideas with Sarah's expertise.


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Her commission seemingly fits - in December, the Daily Telegraph reported that the gown was already being created in Buckingham Palace by a little known British designer, who would be catapulted to fame once her name was revealed.

Manchester-born Sarah is said to have caught Kate's eye when she created the off-the-shoulder wedding dress for Tom Parker Bowles' wife Sara Buys in 2005 (pictured).

She has also designed for the likes of Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Should Sarah be behind the dress, it would be seen by many as an edgier choice by Kate, whose style has previously been described as conservative.

But, perhaps unsurprisingly, the London-based designer - creative director of the fashion house since Alexander McQueen's tragic suicide last year - has already strenuously denied her involvement.


A spokesman for Alexander McQueen – preparing to present at Paris Fashion Week – said: "Sarah is busy working on her new collection for the Tuesday show and she was as surprised as the rest of us to hear about this.

"She is not designing the dress."

Chief executive Jonathan Akeroyd, who reportedly told a colleague that Sarah had been chosen, has also denied that the British fashion house has anything to do with the design.

"Not at all," he said. "I am the CEO. I would know if we were doing it."

Clarence House have refused to confirm or deny any reports, instead issuing this statement.

"We always knew that there would be a lot of speculation about the appointment of the designer. Because Catherine Middleton is keen to keep this private, we are not responding to this in any way at all.

"This is about the 10th one we've been asked about in the last three months and it's getting a bit ridiculous."

Sarah is by no means the first designer linked to the wedding dress.

Bruce Oldfield, a favourite of Princess Diana who also created Samantha Cameron's bridal gown, and Brazilian Daniella Issa Helayel, the lady behind Kate's engagement dress, have also been named as favourites.


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