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Kate Middleton actress Camilla Luddington: 'I had the biggest crush on William!'

07 MARCH 2011

Camilla Luddington, the actress who will portray Kate Middleton in a forthcoming American film about the Royal romance, has spoken exclusively to HELLO! magazine – and revealed her own crush on the groom-to-be.


Currently in the midst of filming the movie, the British-born Camilla confesses: “I did have the biggest crush on William when I was younger. Eton was not far from my all-girls’ school in Ascot and I was one of those tragic girls who was thinking, ‘If I just saw him he would know,’ he would be like, ‘Get out the way, it’s Camilla, you’re the girl.’”

And she says that she is also experiencing some of the same feelings towards her costar Nico Evers-Swindell, who plays Prince William. “It’s impossible not to fall in love with him. I can’t wait for the big day to arrive,” she revealed.

“I feel that any girl would totally fall for him. We’ll do scenes together and I’ll say to him, ‘You’re going to have 1,000 girls fall in love with you in that scene,’ and others where I walk in and go, ‘Oh my God. I love you, I am actually falling for you!’”

To find out more about the actress, including her fascination with the Royals throughout history, her plans for the real big day and how she misses her home country, read the new issue of HELLO!, out on Monday.

Read the full article in HELLO! out now.



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