Lady in red: Confident Kate steps up to the challenge on second day of royal duty

25 FEBRUARY 2011

The first sign that she intended to make more of an impact came with her coat.

Bright red and apparently bought especially for the occasion, it was the choice of someone ready to be noticed.


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And not only did Kate Middleton look calm and confident on her second day of royal duty, but she was seemed to be enjoying herself too.

Even William appeared to notice her change in manner – casting frequent proud glances at his bride-to-be.

The only slight problem was her lovely hair, which kept getting into her eyes. But it would have take more than the Prince's fiancée off her stride and she carried on with the ease of someone born to the role.

Kate really came into her own when the time arrived to meet the public as they wrapped up their two-hour visit to their former university.


Whereas the previous day, she had greeted well-wishers at William's side, this time she did so solo.

And her smile didn't falter for a moment as she moved down the line, shaking hands and chatting to people who had waited hours in the cold to meet the royal visitors.

The couple had been at St Andrews as part of William's role as the patron of the institution's 600th anniversary celebrations.

Before unveiling a plaque marking the event, he told staff and students being back felt "like coming home" for them both.


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