Royal couple make emotional return to the university where they fell in love

25 FEBRUARY 2011

The last time they were in St Andrews – for their 2005 graduation – Kate Middleton walked shyly past the assembled crowds while Prince William greeted the public.

Six years down the line, and everything is completely different. Kate, now the Prince's fiancée rather than girlfriend, was very much in limelight as the couple made their return to the town, and university, where they fell in love.

And much as she did the previous day in Anglesey, the princess-to-be took it all in her stride, with a dazzling smile on her face.



Kate looked remarkably relaxed as she arrived with William at their former university to meet staff and university dignitaries.

The couple disembarked from their Range Rover to be greeted by the Lord Lieutenant of Fife, Margaret Dean.

And following on from Thursday's clever fashion choice, Kate once again looked lovely in a smart red coat with a black collar and belt and a matching skirt. This time, her long brunette hair was down. 

They began the visit by going into the university museum to view the surviving Papal Bull that was issued by Pope Benedict XIII in 1413.



As a wedding gift to the former students, the university has created a scholarship in their honour. It was due to be presented to the couple during their visit.

The royal couple – who both lived as undergraduates in the university's St Salvator's hall - studied art history and social anthropology alongside one another.

In their final year, they chose different honours subjects: William opting for geography, Kate choosing art history.

Both were awarded 2:1 degrees upon graduating.


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