Royal couple choose Prince Charles' wedding photographer for their big day

17 FEBRUARY 2011

Prince William and Kate Middleton have apparently decided on the snapper who will capture their big day.

And the man in question will not be Mario Testino – the celebrity photographer who was responsible for the gorgeous pics that marked their engagement (bottom picture).


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Unconfirmed reports are stating that the coveted commission has gone to Hugo Burnand, who immortalised Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall's wedding in 2005.

He has photographed Michael Jackson, Victoria Beckham and former prime minister Baroness Thatcher.

And he was also invited to take the picture celebrating Charles' 60th birthday in 2008.




In it, the heir-to-the-throne can be seen wearing his ceremonial Welsh Guards uniform, but is adopting a relaxed pose, with one arm over the back of the chair.

London-based photographer Hugo, who has worked at Tatler magazine since 1993, has also taken images of the Queen and William and Harry.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson has said they could not confirm news of Hugo's appointment.



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