Does Kate's mum's visit to Bruce Oldfield point to wedding dress choice?

17 JANUARY 2011

Kate Middleton has reportedly picked the designer who will create the gown for her big day.

And there's been growing speculation the couturier to win the commission of the century is Princess Diana's favourite Bruce Oldfield.

The bride-to-be's mum Carole and sister Pippa were spotted at one of the designer's London boutiques last week.


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They spent an hour-and-a-half browsing the outfits at the store, where they were warmly welcomed by Bruce, who has recently opened a bridal shop (pictured).

Though Kate has rarely been seen in public since the announcement of her engagement, it's thought she has asked her mum and sister to visit shops for her to assist with the wedding planning.

Kate's dress choice is being kept firmly under wraps, but it's understood she reached a final decision last week.

The elegant brunette was apparently deciding between two final choices.




One was a creation by a well-known designer like Bruce, Phillipa Lepley, Vivienne Westwood, Amanda Wakeley, or Daniella Issa Helayel.

The other was by a complete unknown who would be thrust into the limelight by such a high-profile job.

There has been buzz surrounding Bruce's name on the fashion circuit for months.

Though Pippa and Carole's visit to his shop might not necessarily mean he is making Kate's dress – it could signify that he is making dresses for Pippa and Carole only.

The mother-daughter team did not emerge with any purchases or sample from the boutique, though it's possible they had items sent back to their home in Bucklebery, Berkshire.



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