Palace lifts Kate Middleton and Prince William teacloth ban

11 JANUARY 2011

Royal souvenirs hunters will be relieved to know that that wedding tea towels, celebrating the forthcoming union of Prince William and Kate Middleton, will be permitted – in a change of heart by courtiers.

Last month, Buckingham Palace ruled that official memorabilia was to be restricted to "to items that are permanent and significant".

That meant that while drying up cloths were banned, mugs, plates, pill pots and biscuit tins were allowed.



This directive drawn up by the Lord Chamberlain, an officer of the Royal Household, which handles the affairs of senior royals, apparently upset tea towel manufacturers.

Now, an official tea towel from the Royal Collection - which runs shops selling royal merchandise at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh - is planned.

It will be a plain white cloth, featuring the couple's intertwined initials and the Prince's coronet – but no picture of William and Kate. It is expected to cost about £8.

A spokeswoman for Asda told the Daily Telegraph: "Thank goodness the Palace has seen sense.

"We've already dubbed it 'the royal dryness'."




In a further piece of good news for followers of the Prince and his fiancée, the Royal Collection has decided not to pass the 20 per cent increase in VAT on to customers.

A sign in the shops, alongside a portrait of the pair said: "The Royal Collection will not be increasing its prices following the rise in VAT".

A spokeswoman said this was in recognition of "austere times".



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