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There's something about Kate: women on both sides of the Atlantic race to steal her style

13 DECEMBER 2010

There was no denying Kate Middleton looked stylish and radiant as Prince William presented her to the world as his bride-to-be. (below)

And she looked even more polished in the Mario Testino shots which were released this weekend. (lower picture)

It's only natural then, that women on both sides of the Atlantic are desperate to emulate the look of the girl who is set to one day be Queen.



Low cost copies of Kate's dark blue Issa engagement dress sold out in hours. And fashion pundits have predicted similar imitations will follow of the embroidered Whistles dress and the Reiss belted Nanette gown from the Testino shoot.

In fact, online sellers are already cashing in by raising the price of the cream Reiss dress, which retailed at £155 last season and is no longer available.

Last week it was on sale on one auction site for £99. But following the official photoshoot its price tag was raised to £175.

And the description read as follows: "Same dress worn by Kate Middleton in the formal engagement photographs with Prince William."




It's not just British women who are keen to copy Kate's style. Her appeal has spread across the Atlantic, where her picture has suddenly started gracing the pages of newspapers and magazines.

And it's not just Kate's elegant style ladies are keen to copy. Her hairstyle has become the new must-have.

One New York stylist told the BBC dozens of women have come into her salon asking for Kate's wavy, tumbling style.

"People get really inspired by all these big beautiful photos of her and I think the one thing they can try to obtain of that beautiful look is the hair," she said.

"There could have been 20 women in a day that ask for it."

There's also been a resurgence in sapphire rings in the Big Apple, thanks to Kate's engagement ring – the sapphire surrounded by diamonds that was Princess Diana's.

One jeweller said they had seen sales rise from three-ten rings per day to 50-75.

But is Kate here to stay as a fashion icon in the US, or will American ladies lose interest after the April wedding?

American Vogue's European Editor Hamish Bowles thinks she will have a lasting impact.

"There is a classicism in her choices that projects fashion but not outrageously so," he said.

"I think what's remarkable is that so early in the process she has found an identity of her own and that is something that will enhance her authenticity.

"This is someone we are going to be deeply compelled by for a long time to come."



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