Kate and William rule out souvenir tea towels on the grounds of 'taste and decency'

09 DECEMBER 2010

Buckingham Palace has issued a directive restricting the production of royal wedding memorabilia "to items that are permanent and significant".

This means neither Prince William's coat of arms nor any official portrait of him with Kate Middleton can be used on tea-towels, aprons and t-shirts.

Carpets, cushions, wall hangings and head scarves, on the other hand, have been deemed acceptable.



Normally, no royal emblem can be reproduced without permission. This ruling has been relaxed after approval from the groom-to-be.

A spokesman said the couple would be happy with any memorabilia that fell "within the bounds of taste and decency".

The new guidelines may be a disappointment for souvenir hunters who have come to expect an official tea-towel.

Both of Prince Charles' weddings and the Queen's Golden Jubilee were commemorated with the item.




Kate and her Prince will wed on April 29 and production of all official goods must stop in October.

Later, this month an official image of the pair will be released by his favourite photographer Mario Testino.



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