'People's wedding': William and Kate to share their big day with the British public

24 NOVEMBER 2010

Prince William's wedding to Kate Middleton on April 29th is set to be a celebration for the whole nation.

As well as street parties and a pop concert to mark the nuptials, Britain will also enjoy an extra bank holiday – which could mean an 11-day break for some.


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With the wedding taking place days after Easter, and with May Day bank holiday the following Monday, they will be just three normal working days between April 22 and May 2.

Meanwhile, a royal source has revealed that the Kate and Wills are keen to ensure their big day does not turn into a parade of "the great and the good", with "a people's ceremony" being "very much on their mind."

Evoking memories of his mother, the prince is intending to fill Westminster Abbey with children, volunteers and the homeless in a special 'People's Royal Wedding'.




And according to one courtier, while heads of state, including Barack Obama, are expected to be invited, some VIPs might not make the list in order to make way for the couple's friends or deserving members of the public.

Among those who could receive an invitation are teenagers from Centrepoint (pictured) – last year the prince showed his support for the homeless charity, of which he is patron, by spending a night on the streets of London.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton – the prince's private secretary and the man in charge of organising the wedding – has said of Kate and William: "They are very much in charge of the arrangements for their big day, giving the Household Office firm direction on all aspects.

"This is Prince William's and Catherine's day.

"They are calling the shots and through me all their wishes are being put into action by a rather large supporting cast.

"The couple are completely over the moon," he added. "I have never seen two happier people. It's fabulous to work in that sort of environment."  


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