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Kate and William hoping for an April wedding

22 NOVEMBER 2010

Wedding bells may be sounding for Prince William and Kate Middleton in April, if the royal couple get their way.

The newly-engaged pair have apparently set their hearts on an April wedding, and are hoping to marry by the end of that month.



Senior royal sources have confirmed the couple have chosen a "first choice" date, believed to be during the final week of April.

A second choice has also been picked out for the summer, should the April date not work out.

The date – thought to be a weekday – is currently being cleared with the royal family and Downing Street and is expected to be announced sometime this week.

The wedding, which is likely to take place at Westminster Abbey will probably not happen until the end of April as the Queen would not be expected to attend a major event during the Lent and Easter period.

Marrying in April would mean William ties the knot in the same month as Prince Charles, who wed the Duchess of Cornwall in April 2005.

A senior royal aide said: "Prince William and Miss Middleton have a specific date and venue in mind, and Prince William's household is consulting with all relevant parties.

"However, they are realistic that for one reason or another, their first choice date may not work for all parties involved, and so they have selected a second choice summer date."



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