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Problems with William and Kate's wedding date as new bank holiday is discussed

19 NOVEMBER 2010

It will be the highlight of the British calendar whenever it falls.

But even before it is announced, Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding date seems to be causing problems in royal circles.

Sources have revealed that the 28-year-old prince is in disagreement with his advisers about when the ceremony should take place.

William is said to be keen to marry sooner rather than later, and would ideally like to tie the knot in April or May.

However, it has been suggested he look at a later date for the best chance of sunshine. Aides have argued that a downpour at the wedding – likely to draw the biggest TV audience in history – will only reinforce perceptions of 'rainy England'.



Bookmakers have cut their odds on a date in May from 10/1 to 11/4 overnight.

What does seem certain is that Britain will enjoy a day off work when the ceremony takes place.

David Cameron has said it would be a "very good idea" to have a bank holiday to mark the marriage, so that the country can enjoy "a day of national celebration".

The date of the ceremony – most likely to take place in Westminster Abbey – is expected to be announced on Friday.

A source from St James' Palace had said the wedding will be "bigger than initially thought", mainly because William is keen to honour his mother's memory by allowing as many members of the public as possible to join in the celebrations.

A spokesman said: "Prince William and Kate Middleton have given strong direction that they would like to strike a balance on the wedding day.

"They would like to have an enjoyable and accessible occasion for everyone, but are also mindful of the current economic situation."



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