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Hellomagazine.com readers send in their congratulations from around the world

17 NOVEMBER 2010

As news of Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement spread yesterday, people from around the world came together to offer their best wishes to the happy couple.


"Hallelujah!!! That took a while!!" wrote Hayley, one of many readers commenting on hellomagazine.com.

Veronica from Argentina payed a heartfelt tribute: "My most sincere congratulations for this lovely couple!! What an emotional tribute for his late mother Diana! God bless you Prince William, you will be one of the greatest kings of the United Kingdom of all times!"

"How incredibly sentimental and touching of William. His mother would be proud. Congrats to the happy couple!" added another reader.

"At last!! :) Best congratulations from Romania! May God bless you with happiness and harmony 100 years from now!" said Cristiana.

"They are a gorgeous couple. I am incredibly excited for them," Sasha.

"Shame... I was hoping he would marry me!!" added one heartbroken reader.

Over on our Twitter page, comments also flooded in.

@caitlin_mackay tweeted: "The world is going crazy over Will & Kate. Love it."

@cdnstar announced: "My sincere congratulations to Prince William and Kate Middleton. I've been waiting years for this announcement :)"

@AldrinaT couldn't contain her excitement: "Am I being a total #royalwedding geek but I really can't wait for the glossy pics in @hellomag... Even the smell of @hellomag gets me going!"

Users of our Facebook page seemed delighted too.

Shirin said: "I've been waiting for this moment for so long!"

Rosemary added: "Kate will be a beautiful bride"

And keeping things short and sweet, Colin's words echoed those of many: "Finally!"

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