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Monaco royal wedding: Charlene's father explains couple's separate hotels

People shouldn't read too much into the fact that Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco spent one night of their honeymoon in separate hotels, says her father.

Michael Wittstock has explained that on one evening his daughter stayed in the beachfront Oyster Box Hotel in Durban.


His son-in-law, meanwhile, checked into the Hilton, 20 minutes away.

This was because the principality leader had a 7am meeting at the city centre hotel.

"Charlene stayed at the Oyster Box Hotel and Albert stayed at the Hilton Hotel," confirmed Michael.

"This is because Albert attended the conference for the International Olympic Committee, which was held at the Hilton."

The couple – who have otherwise being staying together at the £4,200-a-night Oyster Box hotel on Umhlanga beach, close to Durban– have been the subject of claims that their relationship is under strain.

As well as reports that Charlene tried to flee before the wedding, there are far-fetched are stories that the marriage is an 'arrangement' so that Albert can have an heir.


The stories - which have also appeared in the South African press - are "scandalous," says Charlene's father.

He added: "I am disappointed in the media. South Africans should be supporting Charlene rather than spreading nasty rumours."

Contrary to the negative stories in the press, the royal couple were the picture of togetherness at the private cocktail reception they gave last Thursday at the Oyster Box.

And in a sign he's making every effort to immerse himself in her culture, he greeted the crowd with the words "sawubona" – a Zulu greeting that, literally translated, means: "I see you."

A guest at the glittering reception said: "He added African colloquialism to his speech, which brought light humour.

"The crowd loved that he was embracing the Zulu culture."


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