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Monaco royal wedding: 'Let's have a good party!' said the groom

A delighted Prince Albert of Monaco escorted his new wife down to the palace square to celebrate their nuptials with an open-air buffet.

The happy couple were joined by a 3,500-strong crowd of Monegasques for the luxury meal in the majestic surroundings, and nearby streets were awash with revellers. 

Charlene and Albert mingled graciously with the throngs of well-wishers soaking up the warm, friendly atmosphere. 



And in a thank you speech, Albert exclaimed, much to the crowd's delight: "Let's have a good party".

The buffet, which was organised by the Fairmont hotel chain, went down a storm.

For the catering, they had opted to honour three themes they felt important for the occasion: the marriage of cultures, the sourcing locally and respecting the environment.

The latter ties in with the prince’s eco concerns, and biodegradable plates and cutlery were chosen for the event.

The union of cultures was symbolised by the menu, which was a perfectly balanced mix of South African dishes and Mediterranean delicacies.

All the ingredients, excluding the fine South African wine, served in honour of the new princess, were sourced within a 10km radius.


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