Monaco royal wedding: Official souvenirs go on sale on the Internet

These exquisite pieces were created by the prestigious Revol family business. Known for their luxury porcelain, the material adds touch of elite glamour to these souvenirs.

Elaborate champagne glasses were developed as well as key chains with a heart and crown charm with the initials of Prince Albert and Charlene.

The most striking item is a candle, while the most practical piece is a fan with the date of the wedding celebration inscribed on it.



The best news for royal fans is that all of these souveniors can be purchased through the official webpage of Prince Albert and his fiancée.

It appears Albert and Charlene have taken note of the PR campaign which surrounded wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and are following their lead by using the Internet to keep people informed.

The couple have also created a special section on the website of the Royal House of Monaco where they are offering daily updates of their nuptials.


The cost of the souvenirs rage range from two to 480 euros. The most affordable piece is a coin with the faces of Prince Albert and Charlene, while one of the more exclusive items is a key ring with diamonds and rubies.

 There is also a version of this same piece which is made of silver and costs 90 euros.



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