Charlene supports Albert as he says goodbye to his beloved aunt

 It was clearly a difficult and emotional day for Prince Albert of Monaco as he said goodbye to his beloved aunt, Princess Antoinette of Monaco.

But supporting him every step of the way during his hour of need was his loving future wife, Charlene Wittstock.

Wearing an all-black outfit with a lace headscarf, the former Olympic swimmer accompanied her fiancé - who was visibly upset - to the funeral on Thursday.


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Antoinette's nieces, Princess Stephanie and Princess Caroline, also paid their respects at the service, which took place in Monaco Cathedral's Peace Chapel.

Caroline's children from her second marriage - Pierre, Andrea and Charlotte Casiraghi - were spotted amongst the mourners.

Princess Alexandra, Caroline's 11-year-old daughter from her marriage to Prince Ernst of Hanover, was also there to support her mum (all pictured below).

Meanwhile, the nation bid farewell to their princess.

Princess Antoinette, Prince Ranier III's eldest sister, died at age 90 on March 17 following years of ill health.


A prominent advocate for animal rights, she was the president of Monaco's Society for the Protection of Animals.

Antoinette was well known as a colourful member of Monaco's royals and was married three times.

She is survived by her two children, Elisabeth Anne and Christian Louis.


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