Prince Albert's fiancée goes back to her swimming roots

It must have been something of a trip down memory lane for former professional swimmer Charlene Wittstock.

The princess-to-be got back into the water to take part in a charity race in South Africa on Saturday.

It was familiar territory for Prince Albert of Monaco's fiancée, who represented her country, South Africa, at the 2000 Olympic Games.



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Charlene participated in the the 38th aQuelle Midmar Mile Race to raise money for the Special Olympics, an international organisation and competition held every two years for people with intellectual disabilites. 

Joining the 23-year-old in the water was German Olympic swimmer Franziska van Almsick, and the pair posed together for several photos once the race had ended.

Charlene's father, Michael Wittstock, was poolside to watch and described it as "emotional" for his daughter.

Accustomed to looking impeccable, it was a rare glimpse of Charlene in her swimming attire. She's been more often seen in Armani since becoming a part of the Monagesque family.




The previous day of her trip, Charlene had attended a Nelson Mandela exhibition in Pietermaritzburg.

After a change of date, the South-African is set to marry Albert, 52, on July 2 during a civil ceremony, followed by a religious service the next day.

“I am very happy about the wedding; Monaco is a beautiful country and I love everything about it,” she told Benoni City Times, the newspaper of the town Charlene grew up in.

“Some of the interests that the prince and I share are sports, environmental and humanitarian causes.”

Charlene spent several days in the country and attended numerous fund-raising events, all in aid of the Special Olympics.


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