Armani has a starring role in the other high-profile royal wedding of the year

Charlene Wittstock's evolving style: from Olympic swimmer to future princess

When former Olympic swimmer Charlene Wittstock sashays into the principal courtyard of the Palace of Monte Carlo to become Her Serene Highness The Princess of Monaco, she will reportedly be clad in Armani.

According to Italian newspapers, Giorgio Armani spoke to media after his men's fashion collection in Milan confirming that he had been chosen by Prince Albert's fiancée to work his magic on their big day.

The striking South African and her prince will be married on July 3 in a spectacular open-air ceremony following a civil service the day before.




Her gown will obviously invite scrutiny from the world's media and once again draw comparisons with Princess Grace.

The iconic royal would have been her mother-in-law and her own lavish wedding in April, 1956 set the bar for magnificent nuptials.

So who better to confide in than the Italian maestro, whose designs, with their clean, tailored lines and harmonious colour palette, have transformed Charlene from a sporty athlete into one of royalty's most poised figures?

Immaculately turned out and with the kind of elegance that marks her out from the crowd, the 32–year-old is now a regular sight at the label's fashion shows.



Moreover, the boss' niece Roberta, in charge of VIP liaison, counts her as a personal friend.

This relationship helps the bride-to-be exude confidence in the spotlight. "(His team) knows what I like and what suits me. Whatever the occasion I like to feel natural".

Asked the plum assignment a few days ago, Roberta remained discreet - though she took the opportunity to speak about her friend in glowing terms.

"She is perfect for being a princess. She's down-to-earth but also clever, determined. She shines in our clothes!"






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