Sweden ready for Madeleine and Chris's royal wedding

Wedding fever has gripped the city of Stockholm as the Swedish people prepare to celebrate the marriage of Princess Madeleine, the youngest child of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia, to American businessman Chris O'Neill.

It is the second royal wedding for the nation in three years following Crown Princess Victoria's marriage to Prince Daniel in June 2010. And the capital has shown itself well equipped to host the Saturday's joyful event.

Crowds of well-wishers in the capital rose early to line the streets and play their part in the historic celebration. Positioning themselves along the picturesque seafront and cobblestoned streets to watch the royal parade, most have their flags at the ready to wave at the happy couple as they travel in a horse-drawn carriage through Gamla Stan, the medieval old town, to the idyllic harbour.




From there, husband and wife will set sail on a royal barge to the princess's birthplace, Drottningholm Palace, for the evening reception.

The city itself has been fully decked out for the momentous occasion. Sweden's national colours, blue and yellow, adorn the streets in the form of streamers, banners, balloons and flags. Shop windows are also laden with royal memorabilia to mark the big day.



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