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Princess Madeleine will not become Mrs O'Neill as Valentino leads the field to design her dress

Swedish royal Princess Madeleine has decided not to take the name of her American fiancé Chris O'Neill when they marry on 8 June.

According to the local media, the country's tax agency did not receive a request for a change of name in official documents filed ahead of the wedding. "Neither of the future spouses is going to change their name," the agency's Ingegerd Widell told the Aftonbladet newspaper.


The couple chat animatedly while carrying out wedding preparation in Stockholm

The Royal Palace refused to comment. "That's the Princess' decision. I can't say anything about that," said spokesman Bertil Ternert.

The Princess has never used a surname, although she does belong to the House of Bernadotte.

One royal expert described the move as "a way to signify a presence in Sweden". "She wants to show that she's a Swedish princess", said Sten Hedman. For the past few years Madeleine has lived in New York, only flying back to Europe for the occasional public engagement.

It was announced several weeks ago that Chris would remain a private citizen, rather taking her royal style and title – Madeleine is also Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Hälsingland and Gästrikland.


Madeleine and Chris went out to a local restaurant, Strandvagen 1, during a day of chores

"Mr. Christopher O'Neill has respectfully asked to remain a private citizen and not be granted royal status," read the statement, released on 17 May, by Svante Lindqvist, Marshall of the Realm. 

Chris, who will next be seen in public at Swedish National Day on 6 June, wished to continue his career as a financial adviser. That would have been impossible had he become like Daniel Westling, who married Madeleine's sister Crown Princess Victoria, a Prince.

Members of the Swedish royal family are barred from holding positions of responsibility in business.

While Swedes are pondering the significance of the couple's decision on their names, there is also a great deal of interest in another important choice – what the bride will wear. Expressen newspaper has said Valentino will design the dress, giving credence to a rumour that has been doing the rounds for some time.

Her sister stuck close to home, commissioning Pär Engsheden to create her bridal outfit. But the Italian fashion house is a favourite with Madeleine, who often opts for their designs on the big occasions.

The daughter of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia is said to have travelled to Milan and Paris on shopping expeditions along with her close friends Louise Gottlieb and Emma Pernald. Representatives of Valentino are also said to have travelled to Stockholm.

There is a precedent for choosing a foreign label. Her mother looked radiant in a simple silk gown by Dior when she wed the King in 1976.

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