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Daniel and Carl Philip kidnap Princess Madeleine's fiancé Chris O'Neill for surprise stag do

Chris O'Neill's lunchtime meeting at the Royal Palace in Stockholm turned into something rather wilder when he discovered it was a ruse to lure him to a stag do. Princess Madeleine's fiancé had an appointment with Prince Daniel – who is married to her sister Crown Princess Victoria.

The first the American financier knew of it was when the car sent for him changed route and headed for the harbour. There a boat was waiting full of his Swedish friends, including Prince Carl Philip, who is Madeleine's brother.

Also on board was Jacob Cronstedt and Robert von Horn. Robert, one of the architects of the stag plot, is good friends with the Princess' ex-boyfriend Jonas Bergstrom and is married to her childhood friend Catharina.

Chris O'Neill

Daniel and Carl Philip wanted to make sure Chris got a proper guys' send off

After a couple of hours, the party docked at Sandhamn where they had dinner and spent the night. Carl Philip initially didn't think he'd be able to make it, but after some changes to his agenda he joined the guys' night out.

It's the second stag do for the 38-year-old, who spent three days last week with his US friends celebrating the end of his time as a bachelor in Italy.

Madeleine has also been having her share of bachelorette fun. While Chris was sailing the seas, the Princess had lunch in the centre of town with two girlfriends, Louise Cronstedt and Emma Pernald, Carl Philip's ex.

Sadly, a hen weekend in the Swiss Alps was interrupted by the death of her beloved great-aunt Princess Lilian, who was like a grandmother to the bride. She and Victoria travelled back as soon as they heard her health was failing.

Following the wedding on 8 June, Madeleine and Chris will return to their base in New York, where she works as a project manager for the World Childhood Foundation, established by her mother Queen Silvia.

Princess Madeleine

Chris and Madeleine with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia in New York

Her fiancé will not take Swedish citizenship and a royal title. Chris, who was educated in London, Switzerland and Boston, would have been eligible to become Duke of Hälsingland and Gästrikland.

However, he has chosen to continue with his career as a financial advisor with Noster Capital. Members of the Swedish royal family are not allowed to hold positions of responsibility in business so he will remain a private citizen.

Despite this he intends to be fully supportive of Madeleine's royal duties. On their engagement the dashing American made an assured appearance in a video message, in which he even tried a few words in Swedish.

A few months ago at a photocall with his new family, the groom told reporters: "I'm learning to represent Sweden".

He has made such a favourable impression that Queen Silvia described him as a "mother-in-law's dream".

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