Which tiara will Princess Madeleine choose for her fairytale wedding?

Sweden's reigning family boasts a jewel collection to leave any bride giddy with excitement. On her wedding day, lucky Princess Madeleine will have her pick of tiaras that have belonged to the queens of the Bernadotte clan for centuries.

So which sparkler will grace her head when she marries dashing American-British financier Chris O'Neill on 8 June ?

Madeleine's own tiara apprenticeship began on her 18th birthday when she was given the Aquamarine Bandeau by her parents King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia.

Princess Madeleine


Originally owned by Princess Louise of Battenberg, later Queen Consort of Sweden, the art deco band was designed to be worn low across the forehead. It was perfect complement to the teenage princess' youthful beauty and colouring.

Since then Madeleine has graduated on to more impressive pieces, her favourite being the Modern Fringe Tiara, a circlet of interlocking diamonds thought to have been a tenth anniversary present in 1986 from her father to her mother.

It is unlikely to make an appearance at the nuptials because it's been the bride's go-to piece for years.

Princess Madelien

A royal wedding requires something spectacular, steeped in tradition and appropriate for the scale of the occasion. Our best guess is the Cameo Tiara, which is the Bernadottes' traditional wedding regalia.

Its first owner was Empress Josephine, who probably received it as a gift from her husband Napoleon around 1809, before passing it on to her granddaughter Josephine of Leuchtenberg. She brought it into the Swedish royal family by marrying King Oscar I.

Madeleine's paternal grandmother Queen Sybilla begun the custom of using it as a bridal piece.

It adorned two of the King's sisters, Princess Birgitta in 1961and Princess Désirée in 1964. Just over a decade later in 1976, his own bride then Silvia Sommerlath, a beauty of Brazilian-German parentage, took his breath away when she wore it to stunning effect with an exquisitely simple silk Dior robe.

Queen Silvia

It was seen again when their daughter Crown Princess Victoria walked down the aisle to wed her former personal trainer Daniel Westling in a 21st-century version of a fairytale.

Framed in pearls, the cameos sit on ornate bed of gold and seed pearls. While they are all different, the most striking is the central one depicting the love story of Cupid and Psyche.

Exquisite when seen up close, it also won't get lost in the imposing surroundings of Stockholm's 16th-century Royal Palace.

Princess Victoria


Should her sister break with tradition then there is also the Connaught Tiara, once owned by Princess Margaret of Connaught who married King Gustav Adolf in 1905.

Queen Silvia actually loaned it to her younger daughter for Victoria's wedding. Featuring delicate Forget-Me-Not loops, it topped her pale blue tulle gown perfectly.

Princess Victoria

Other diadems with an outside chance include an amethyst headpiece, also in her mother's possession and which both girls have worn on occasion.

There are also the Four Button and the Six Button tiaras, which the two princesses favoured a lot when younger. Whatever Madeleine chooses, there is no doubt that she will be absolutely radiant.

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